Skróty klawiszowe niezbędne w grze:\

zmiana prędkości gry: normalna - F1

  zmiana prędkości gry: 1.5x - F2

  zmiana prędkości gry: 2x - F3


  • Number keys (NO numpad) 1-8: trigger the related quick bar slots. This keys works also when a dwarf is selected.

F1, F2, F3 changes the game speed to normal (F1), 1.5x (F2), 2x (F3).

  • F9 switches between hardware and software cursor. This can be used fix an issue with some AMD drivers.

  • opens the pause menu. 
  • closes the current menu (craft/equip) if is open.
  • cancel selection of the dwarf / exit direct control

  • Arrows keys and W A S D can be used to scroll the map or to move a dwarf when is under your direct control.

  • E opens the equip menu.

  • I opens the craft menu.

  • T open the tasks menu.

  • P pauses the game.

  • H moves camera to the base.

  • SPACE: select next dwarf

  • Mouse scroll: changes the zoom level.

  • Shift + Click or Right Click: allows you to mine/chop multiple blocks at the same time. Right Click also works when you are controlling a dwarf.

  • Double-Click:
  • Double-Click an item in the craft menu will shows it's details. 
  • Double-Click an item while is on the craft table to spread it to adjacent cells.
  • Double-Click a door/hatch to open/close it without using the context menu.

  • Alt (Command on Mac) + Enter switches between full screen and window mode.

  • Ctrl+R sends dwarves with health under 70% to sleep (Rest)

  • Ctrl+E sends starving dwarves to eat (Eat)

When a dwarf is selected:

  • F - go eat (Food)
  • R - go sleep (Rest)
  • E - equip
  • O - direct control